10 Rap Songs You Can Line Dance To

From the Author: I live in Southern California and have been country dancing for over 6 years. I have spent countless nights out both line dancing and partner dancing and have traveled around to see firsthand almost all the places on my list. Please comment below! I generally respond quickly!

As it turns out, line dancing isn’t just for country music. You don’t even have to like country music to enjoy line dancing. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 10 catchy rap songs you and your friends can line dance to. 

My top 10 rap songs you can line dance to includes dances include dances like Old Town Road, The Git Up, Cha Cha Slide, and Teach Me How To Dougie. Keep reading to see the rest and all you need to know about the dances and how to learn them!

The beauty of line dancing to rap songs is the dancer’s freedom of expression. While all these songs have a general technique, you’re allowed to deviate from the standard form. The movements are open to interpretation so you can show off your personality. 

Several of these dances use just one wall. However, I suppose you could modify these, so the number of walls you use for each dance is ultimately up to you and how much salt and pepper you want to put into your dance. And remember: while no one expects you to be perfect in your movements, everyone expects you to have a good time.

My Top 10 Rap Songs for Line Dancing

There are a few other super popular Rap song line dances I’m not including here since I have written about them already in my blog Post “20 Beginner Line Dances You Need to Know!” Here they are: Click on these to find them!
The Cupid Shuffle
The Wobble
The Electric Slide

1. Old Town Road

Count: 64Wall: 13 PartsLevel: Intermediate

Line Dance: Old Town Road
Choreography: Pretty Girl Roll and Top Model
Music: Old Town Road by Lil Nas X

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
While we said line dancing isn’t restricted to country music, Lil Nas X fully embraces the western elements of line dancing in this country-rap mashup. While this is a beginner-friendly song for those new to both line dancing and line-dancing to rap songs, I consider it an intermediate for the 64 counts and the changes to each rotation (3 parts that you have to do in a different order as the dance progresses).

That being said it is still okay for beginners because it combines existing line dances with some shuffling. To do this dance, you need to know the following moves:

  • Lockstep
  • Scuff
  • Grapevine

Tip: If you get tired, you can cool off by resting your hands on your belt buckle (or where your belt buckle would be) and swinging your hips while stepping side to side.

To listen to the song and also be wildly entertained, check out the video below. It stars Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus and also features Chris Rock, Haha Davis, Rico Nasty, Diplo, Jozzy, Young Kio, and Vince Staples.

The “Official Movie” for the song Old Town Road
This is a great instructional video of the Old Town Road line dance by Hy N-R-G of Line Dance Fever & Fitness.
Here’s a demo of the Old Town Road line dance by the Line Dance Fever & Fitness club.

Alternate line dance for Old Town Road!

Since this line dance, at 64 counts is a little on the difficult side I’m including a really cool alternate line dance.

You can also use the line dance “Blue Jeans On” by choreographer Rick Dominguez. The “Blue Jeans On” line dance is a really fun and super popular line dance that is also easier. Here are the stats on it and a demo of Rick himself with some of my friends dancing it in a local park.

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Beginner/Improver
Demo of the Blue Jeans On line dance to Old Town Road.

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2. The Git Up

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Beginner

Line Dance: The Git Up
Choreography: Blanco Brown
Music: The Git Up by Blanco Brown

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
The Git Up is another excellent beginner line dance song. Blanco Brown’s warm, deep voice will make you feel welcome and giddy to try this dance. Like many popular line dance songs, the lyrics will tell you what dance moves to make!

The line dance caught fire as “The Git Up Challenge” went out to create your own video of yourself or your group doing The Git Up. I’ve included my favorite of those I saw below.

Like Old Town Road, it uses established line dance moves to make a comprehensive dance. To dance The Git Up, you sequence through the following steps:

  • Two-Step
  • Cowboy Boogie
  • Hoe Down

Finish up this dancing by doing Blanco’s routine. Add your own flair to the appropriate lyrics:

“Do whatever you like right here (just have fun!)”

Check out Blanco Brown’s viral video demo of his line dance for The Git Up.
This is a great teach that happened at the country bar Wild West Houston by Damon D’Amico.
My personal favorite of anyone who took The Git Up Challenge.

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3. In My Feelings

Count: 64Wall: 1Level: Improver/Intermediate

Line Dance: In My Feelings
Choreography: April Dunlap & others.
Music: In My Feelings by Drake

Thanks to dance challenges popularized on Instagram and TikTok, line dancing to rap songs has never been more popular. The dance in this song is commonly referred to as Kiki Do You Love Me, or Kiki for short. 

The Kiki comes from a viral Tik Tok challenge where dancers would groove on the street while keeping up with a moving car on its passenger side. The feeling we get from this visual is that of a lover trying to pursue someone who doesn’t have the time for them or their feelings. 

In My Feelings teeters between being confrontational and desperate—imagine how you’d feel if you’re crazy in love with someone, but that person doesn’t reciprocate the love you give to them. 

To get the mood right for this dance, use overstated, dramatic movements. Imagine your goal is to convince your lover to stay exclusively with you.

The moves for this dance follow the actions of the lyrics. Read them first, and then we’ll go over the movements. 

Note: We don’t recommend you dance with or next to a moving car! 

We do, however, recommend you keep a constant jump or in-place shuffle to follow the overall mood of the song.

“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?
Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me
‘Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I’m down for you always”

Now here’s the chorus broken down with the moves:

Kiki – Open your arms defensively. Do not let them rise above your midline.
Do you love me – Shrug your shoulders and make a beating heart over your chest.
Are you riding – Pretend to drive a car. The way you use your hands will convey the tone of this question. Will you use one hand lazily as if to ask your lover if they’re keeping their options open, or will you use two tightly clenched hands as if to beckon your lover to come and drive with you?
Say you’ll never ever leave – Wave your fingers or hands back and forth. 
From beside me – Either sweep your hands to your side, as if pulling your lover close, or sweep your hands away from your side, as if pushing your lover away.
‘Cause I want ya, and I need ya – Extend your arms with open palms and pull them back to you over your chest. You can also make a beating heart over your chest.  
And I’m down for you always – Drop your body low to the ground and bounce back up. 

Here’s a demo that has some similarities to the above by the choreographer April Dunlap.
Who doesn’t love this family line dancing together – 3 generations!

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4. Teach Me How To Dougie

Count: 8Wall: 1Level: Beginner

Line Dance: The Dougie
Choreography: Unknown
Music: Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District

The Dougie is a smooth dance with a lot of swag. It’s easy to start and hard to stop once you get going. 

To do The Dougie, “all [you] need is a beat that’s super bumpin’.” Then you just “put your arms out front, lean side to side.”

The Dougie is a stationary position; you won’t be shuffling or scooting out of your spot. But many people love this song because there are so many ways to interpret this dance. 

Yung—a member of the rap group—likes to do his Dougie real low. He says, “I take it real low.”

You can take it low, step from side to side, back peddle in place, rock your hips, or try something else! Just remember to keep your arms in front and lean from side to side!

It’s super easy to get and really fun, but I have to ask the question: is it really a line dance? I think it might be a stretch to call it a line dance honestly. However, there is a dance that looks a little closer to a line dance that I’ve also included below.

This is a great teach of The Dougie
An expanded version of Teach Me How to Dougie that definitely qualifies as a line dance!

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5. Cha Cha Slide

Count: 0Wall: 4Level: Beginner

Line Dance: Cha Cha Slide
Choreography: DJ Casper
Music: Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper

For about 4 years the song Cha Cha Slide by the American DJ Casper was a chart hit. At one point it was on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks!

Ever since this was released it has been an event favorite to get a crowd moving on the dance floor. From school gymnasiums to weddings, bat mitzvahs, and of course the dance club, the Cha Cha Slide is still a favorite throughout the world!

It you’re a fan of line dancing, this is kind of a “need to know!”

This is a really well done teach and demo of the Cha Cha Slide line dance.
Seeing the Cha Cha Slide on SNL showed how popular and well-known the Casper Slide has become!

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6. Otis

Count: 16Wall: 0Level: Beginner

Line Dance: Full Circle
Choreography: John Woodhouse
Music: Otis by Kanye West & Jay-Z

The song is Otis, but the line dance is called “Full Circle.” I’m really happy I came across this line dance! It is a unique “line dance” because it is a rare circle line dance! this reminds me of a dance I included in my other post “20 Beginner Line Dances You Need To Know!” called “The Ten Step” – Click here to check it out.

I just like that it breaks from the typical grid and is like a partner circle dance that is performed individually. Easy to learn from the looks of it, but I’ve never seen it in real life. Another great dance that is like this is called Texas Time, which although a partner dance is commonly danced individually.

Here’s a great (although a little blurry) teach and demo of the fun circle line dance “Full Circle.”
Here’s the official music video with Jay-Z & Kanye West, which is too good not to watch.

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7. Let Me Clear My Throat

Line Dance: Ham Mercy
Choreography: Ali James (Kool Kool)
Music: Let Me Clear My Throat by D.J. Kool

I don’t think we could leave this one off the list since it is to the song by DJ Kool, known as the Father of Hip-Hop.

The line dance is pretty simple and is a lot of fun to do to DJ Kool’s simple groove.

Here’s a pretty easy to see demo of the line dance Ham Mercy danced the DJ Kool’s Let me Clear My Throat.

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8. BubbleGum

Count: 16Wall: 1Level: Beginner

Line Dance: Bubblegum Pop
Choreography: Cheryl Williams
Music: BubbleGum by Jason Derulo featuring Tyga

This line dance is actually called “Bubblegum Pop” created by Cheryl Williams, known as The Line Dance Queen. This a lot of fun and once you listen to the song Bubblegum you’ll understand what the fun is all about here!

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9. Right Foot

Wall: 4Level: Beginner/Improver

Line Dance: Right Foot, Left Foot
Choreography: Cheryl Williams
Music: Right Foot by M16 Productions.

This line dance is actually called “Right Foot, Left foot” and also created by Cheryl Williams (The Line Dance Queen). With this line dance, she’s created another really fun and pretty easy line dance to the hip hop song from M16 Productions.

I’ve included both her videos of it (teach & demo w/ her class). And, I guess congratulations are in order for Cheryl for how popular her dance has become!

Cheryl Williams does a great teach of her line dance “Right Foot, Left Foot.”
It looks like Right Foot, Left Foot went viral. Check it out to see why!

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10. Watch Me

Line Dance: Watch Me Nae Nae
Choreography: Silentó 
Music: Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silentó 

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) is a classic banger of a song and dance. 

The Whip and Nae Nae are fun and easy to do. 

It’s a little difficult for me to call this a line dance because of so little emphasis on the feet and rotating to different walls. It’s all just on one wall and involves the whole body.

But I want to include it because so many people dance this as a group together and, yeah–pretty much looks like line dancing! And it is beyond popular. It is worth noting that the main video went ridiculously viral.

Doing this dance might be a little difficult for beginners because this dance incorporates popular hip hop dance moves like: 

  • The Stanky Leg
  • Break Your Legs
  • The Bop
  • The Yule
  • The Soulja Boy Superman
  • The Duff

But it’s ok if you’ve never seen these moves before! Start by watching the music video for The Whip and Nae Nae to be entertained (below) and see what the fuss is all about and then check out the more calm demo to learn the moves.

By watching the first video you will add to the over 1.7 billion people (yes, B as in billion who have viewed this video. So, I would say it is definitely popular!

Viral video of Silentó’s Watch Me song and dance (Whip/Nae Nae).
Here’s just a really good clear demo of the steps! I love how happy she seems doing it. I wish her video would go viral!

More Rap Songs You Can Line Dance To

There is an endless amount of rap and hip-hop line dance tutorials on YouTube. The dances are not as popular as the ones listed above, but you’ll at least have a lot of variety.

We recommend you check out this goldmine channel: And 5678 Line Dance Class. They are a dance and fitness channel with tons of polished rap and hip hop tutorials for you to follow! 

They also have some gospel songs you can line dance to if you’re into that!

Our favorite line dances to watch from them are:

Line Dance: Dancing That Belongs to All Genres

Contrary to popular belief, line dancing isn’t just for country-western folk. At its heart, line dancing uses a series of choreographed steps as dancers perform in unison dance moves in lines. 

You can find elements of line dancing in dances from many cultures, most of which stem from traditional folk dances. 

Some popular, non-American line dances include:

  • The Macarena
  • The Hula
  • Salsa
  • Baile Folklorico 
  • Israeli folk dancing

Get in Line and Dance!

Line dancing is a fantastic way to dance as a group without worrying about the movements or the rhythm of a partner. 

All you have to do is feel the music in yourself and get your groove on. You’ll have a great time, whether you’re losing yourself in the music or watching your friends perform their unique dance variations. 

Go ahead! Let loose! Get out and try these dances today!

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