50 Popular Line Dances that Everyone Loves!

From the Author: I live in Southern California and have been country dancing for over 6 years. I have spent countless nights out both line dancing and partner dancing and have traveled around to see firsthand almost all the places on my list. Please comment below! I generally respond quickly!

If you are new to the country dance scene or are a regular, you are finding or well aware some line dances just are better than others. Sometimes because of the song or often because of the choreography, there is just something super fun and addictive about the dance.

Good line dances catch fire and go viral. Specific dances become all the rage in dance saloons all over. They are just fun and line dancers can’t get enough of them!

Here is my alphabetical list of the 50 most popular line dances that everyone is currently learning and requesting (click on them to pop down to more information and lessons for each one).

50 Popular Line Dances Everyone Loves:

1. Aces & Eights

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: IntermediateRestarts: 1

Choreography: Pat Esper
Music: “Dead Man’s Hand” by Moonshine Bandits
(Whip IT as an alternative song)
Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Aces & Eights is indeed a very popular line dance. A true crowd favorite at the local country dance saloon. This one always has the dance floor full! It features some fun heal grinds, wizard steps, paddle turns, and finally a modified jazz box.

While it’s super popular, it is an intermediate-level dance. Whenever I have danced Aces & Eights it has always been to the song Whip IT by Lunchmoney Lewis. With this version, there is no restart.

It is interesting though to think about the name of the dance and the original song that Pat Esper created this choreography for. It was created for Dead Man’s Hand by Moonshine Bandits. This is a dark and gritty song with the lyric “Dead Man’s Hand” referring to the hand of cards that Wild Bill Hickock held when he was killed (shot in the back of his head!) while playing poker. And the hand he held? Two aces, two eights.

I think Pat Esper came up with a pretty great name for the line dance with “Aces & Eights.” It is just funny to me how it has nothing to do with the song we dance it to every week! Maybe DJs should call it with the Moonshine Bandits’ song sometime to let everyone in on the origin. But then you have to add in the restart.

Another thing that is interesting is how similar Dead Man’s Hand sounds to Big and Rich’s Fake ID (maybe this is just me!)

Candy Sherwin’s Demo & Teach uses the original song Dead Man’s Hand. She does a great job here, but look up Pat Esper’s video too on YouTube.
Also, watch Crew Country Lindancing’s demo & teach of Aces & Eights, to the song Whip IT by Lunchmoney Lewis.

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2. After Party

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate west coast swing

Choreography: Maurice Rowe
Music: After Party by Koffee Brown
(Alternate Music: Truck Yeah by Tim McGraw and Pontoon by Little Big Town)
Step Sheet: Click here to download.
After Party is another popular line dance being taught a lot right now. This line dance is danced to a couple of different songs. I’m not a huge fan of Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah” so I’ve included a demo and teach below that uses Little Big Town’s Pontoon. And Cindy McMichael is a great teacher anyway. Enjoy!

Demo & Teach Video

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3. Ain’t Too Cool

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Improver

Choreography: “TB2” Trevor Thornton, Brandon Roman, Branden Swift (Florida, USA) Dec. 2015
Music: “Ain’t Too Cool” by LunchMoney Lewis

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
The Line Dance Ain’t Too Cool is to the song by LunchMoneyLewis. So the giant list of popular line dances starts with two songs from LunchMoney Lewis! This is another example of a non-country line dance that is incredibly fun with an addictive beat and sound. I like how the song is about dancing. “If you ain’t too cool to dance…” Even the lyrics challenge you to get out on the dance floor! And the chorus with “Boogie-oogie, boogie-oogie-oogie” is pretty fun.

Check out Dirt Road Dancing’s Demo of Ain’t Too Cool and then move on to the teach video.
Dirt Road Dancing’s teach of Ain’t Too Cool Line Dance.

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4. American Kids

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: High Beginner

Choreographer: Randy Pelletier (June 2014)
Music: American Kids by Kenny Chesney

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
American Kids is a song that you don’t hear on country radio anymore, but its too bad! It has a great beat and the lyrics paint such a neat picture of typical teenage life growing up in small-town America “faded little map dots, New York to L.A.” The line dance, by the same name, was choreographed in 2014, the same year the song was released.

Randy Pelletier Links:
On Copper Knob
Choreographer’s Website

A friend of mine has called this line dance one of the “timeless” ones. Meaning, learn it–cause it isn’t ever going away! And so far from what I’ve seen, she’s right! This dance is called every week and is a popular dance to be seen any night on a country bar dance floor.

As a crowd favorite its one of those dances that, at least at the Ranch in Anaheim, has a part everyone sings along to: “Sister’s got a boyfriend daddy doesn’t like!” I don’t know how that got started, but always fun when some singing happens too!

The Dance has a simple restart that is easy to pick up in the music.

Demo & Teach Video by Gail Eaton

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5. Askin’ Questions

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Low Intermediate

Choreographer: Larry Bass (July 2009)
Music: Askin’ Questions by Brady Seals

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Askin’ Questions was originally choreographed for the song Askin’ Questions by Brady Seals. Brady Seals is sort of an obscure country artist who has bounced between collaborations and a solo career. His solo album Play Time from 2009 is awesome and features Askin’ Questions. Just a really simple fun song about how he’s just asking questions, like

“Hey, pretty girl can I get in your game?
Hey girl what’s your name
? etc. etc.

But Askin’ Questions is danced to other songs as well… see the video below…

Larry Bass Links:
On Copper Knob
Everything Line Dance

Great Demo & Teach by Candy Sherwin.
Demo of Askin’ Questions at the Ranch in Anaheim. Song: Mmm Yeah (Feat. Pitbull) Austin Mahone

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6. Aw naw

Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Steve Lustgraaf with some of the River City Shakers (May 2013)
Music: “Aw Naw” by Chris Young

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Another current favorite in the country bar dance scene. But this one will challenge you a bit more as a 48-count intermediate-level dance.

Demo & Teach by Steve Lustgraaf with some help from friends at the Bushwackers Dance Hall in Ralston, NE

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7. Backwood Bump

Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Brandon Zahorsky & Stacy Ruggiero (January 2017)
Music: Backwood Bump by Waterloo Revival

Step Sheet: Click here to download
Backwood Bump is an improver line dance done to a fun song by the country duo Waterloo Revival. Check out the demo & teach videos and then try it out! It’s a super fun dance!

Demo Video
Demo & Teach – gotta love the chickens staring in this video!

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8. Booze Cruise

Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Low Intermediate

Choreographer: Donna Manning (June 2013)
Music: Booze Cruise by Blackjack Billy

Step Sheet: Click here to download.

This line dance has been around for about 7 years and was choreographed by Donna Manning at the request of a company trying to promote the Blackjack Billy song. This is a pretty silly and fun party song and the line dance that she came up with is an improver (or low intermediate) but with no tags or restarts a pretty learnable fun dance.

The line dance Booze Cruise Demo & Teach by the choreographer Donna Manning.

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9. Boomerang

Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Low Intermediate

Choreographer: Kat Painter (May 2016)
Music: Boomerang by Kelsea Ballerini

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Another super popular line dance right now to the pop song Boomerang by Kelsea Ballerini. Interestingly, Kelsea Ballerini never ended up releasing the song! But Christi Lamb did! This is the version people will use for the dance.

This is a pretty easy line dance to learn at low-intermediate. Have fun with the Chug steps, Mambos and I think all the rock steps really go with the Boomerang lyrics.

Here is a demo of Boomerang by the choreographer, Kat Painter.
Here is a great teach & demo of the Boomerang line dance by Candy Sherwin.

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10. The Bounce

Count: 32 Wall: 4Tags: 1 (done 3x) Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski – (September 2018)
Music: The Bounce by Outasight

Step Sheet: Click here to download.

The Bounce line dance is a really fun dance but is definitely an intermediate line dance. People really love this one I think partly because of the song. The Bounce by the hip hop group Outasight is just a super fun and kinda silly song. Especially the “build it up, stop! build it up, drop!” part and then of course: “Bounce, bounce, bounce to the beat!” And then all the brass in the song is so good.

Fun fact: Google Assistant adopted “The Bounce” as its theme song in 2018.

But, now about the dance. The Bounce line dance is the product of two of the greats in line dance choreography, so you can count on it being good. It was debuted at Vegas Dance Explosion in 2018 and in the demo below Jo Thompson, I think really shows what it is all about!

You’ll notice this line dance has a tag, but the tricky thing is that it is inserted 3 times. The tag itself is 16 counts. So, this means you really are learning 48 counts total for this line dance. There is also a 16 count intro to the dance.

Candy Sherwin in the second video below does a really good job of beginning with just teaching the base 32 counts of the dance, and then going into the 16-count tag. The 16-count tag is the fun part of the dance with its hip-rolls and the “drop” which of course goes with the music. She also details a variation for part of the dance

This dance will take a little bit of time to learn, but so fun once you have it!

Check out this great demo of the Bounce by Jo Thompson Symanski & Scott Blevins.
Here’s both a teach & demo of the Bounce from Candy Sherwin.

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11. Boys ‘Round Here

Count: 32 Wall: 4Restarts: 1 Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Choreographer: Kerry Kick & Jessica Short (April 2013)
Music: Boys ‘Round here by Blake Shelton

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
As I’ve mentioned other places in my blog, my home for country dancing is The Ranch in Anaheim, Southern California. There are some popular country songs that many choreographers will come up with line dances for, but I am favoring the So. Cal versions many times. This is a good example! There are a lot of line dances for Blake Shelton’s Boys ‘Round Here, but I am featuring Kerry Kick & Jessica Short’s version.

This line dance was choreographed back in 2013 but remains wildly popular to this day. I’m guessing it is because it is both easy to do and has a really fun and satisfying feel to it. The “twisted-weave” part is pretty fun to do. Check out Kerry Kick’s own video below. I’ve included a second more in-depth instructional video as well. Gail Eaton’s demo and teach of it is a great easy to follow video for Boys ‘Round Here!

Kerry Kick walks through her line dance to Boys ‘Round Here. Mainly this is just a demo. Note: Another cat joins us for a line dance video!

If you are a fan of Kerry Kick and like her choreography and teaching you may enjoy her teaching of the line dance called Fake ID. Check out my post on the Fake ID line dance where I have included the Kerry Kick videos for it.

Check out this second video of a demo and teach for Kerry Kick’s dance to Boy’s ‘Round Here from Gail Eaton. Pay special attention to that twisted weave. I think it could help to get a second example of it to look at.

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12. Call Me Señorita

Count: 32 Wall: 4Tag: 1Restarts: 1 Level: Easy Beginner

Choreographer: Rick Dominguez (June 2019)
Music: Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This new line dance was just recently choreographed in the summer of 2019 by Rick Dominguez. Rick obviously knows what he’s about with over 25 years of professional dance instruction as well as DJ work on his resume.

He is famous for line dances such as Girl Crushin’, Loosen Up My Buttons, Crossing the Border, Tic tock and Everybody Have A Good Time. When I was just getting into line dancing, this last one, Everybody Have A Good Time, was one of the first line dances I learned. It was pretty tricky, but really fun once I got the hang of it.

Well, with Call me Señorita, Rick created yet another very addictive line dance. This dance has really caught fire in just a short while.

But why is it so hot? I think its an example of the perfect combination of an irresistible song with a great feel to the dance as you dance it. The icing on the cake is the Cha Cha rhythm throughout which really compliments the Latin flavor. Feels like line dancing and Salsa in tandem.

Probably another reason why people love it is that it is an easy dance to learn at just 32 counts, 1 tag and 1 restart. But, wait, is it easy? Candy Sherwin’s instructional video below says it’s a “high improver!” Hmm, not sure about that. Well, you’ll just have to learn it and judge for yourself!

The Demo of Call Me Señorita by Rick Dominguez
Here is a more extensive Teach of Call Me Señorita by Candy Sherwin.

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13. Can’t Walk Away

Count: 32 Wall: 4Tag: 1Restarts: 1 Level: Improver/Intermediate

Choreographer: Megan Barsuglia and Christopher Gonzalez
Music: Cravin’ You by Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This dance choreographed to the song Cravin’ You by Thomas Rhett and Maren Moris is so good! The girl-friend country song reflects the sentiment of any guy or gal in a new exciting relationship. That stage where you’re falling in love and you can’t get enough of each other.

Megan Barsuglia and Christopher Gonzales Did such a great job creating a challenging (Improver/Intermediate) line dance that includes a rocking chair, double heel swivels, coaster steps, pivots, a crossing triple, a full unwind, and mambo steps! So, learn this dance to add and expand the variety of line dance steps to your repertoire.

Here is a really great Demo and Teach of Can’t Walk Away given by the choreographers Megan Barsuglia and Christopher Gonzales.
Here’s yet another good teach of the line dance by Patti Leathers.
To see another demo from the choreographers click here (or on the image). This will open up the linedancin.net site where their Vimeo video is. Enjoy the fun video they created of them doing Can’t Walk Away in multiple locations!

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14. Cha Cha Caliente

Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Unknown
Music: On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This dance is a staple of a regular night at many line dance scenes. It is not a country line dance, but who doesn’t like a line dance to a great Jennifer Lopez song? Dance the night away with the Cha Cha Caliente line dance. It will take a little extra effort to get it as it is a 48-count intermediate line dance.

Demo of Cha Cha Caliente by Shelly Graham

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15. Chill Factor

Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead
Music: Last Night by Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This is an R&B groove that has been around forever! Well, since 1961 at least when created by the Mar-Keys. But the version heard today when bars play it for the line dance Chill Factor is a cover version from 2000 by Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie.

Oddly enough the song was played for years in the 1960s for a French radio show. This is probably the reason people say that if you play this song at a French gathering everyone will “organize in a perfect grid (without any instructions) and dance flawlessly in a square pattern.” How crazy! I wonder if they’re dancing something like Chill Factor.

As an intermediate dance at 48 counts, it is said to not be for the faint of heart; but give it a go anyway! The song kind of reminds me of the Ghost Buster song. And just so you know there’s a line dance to Ghost Busters! Click here for that and see if you agree.

Check out Gail Eaton’s Demo and Teach of Chill Factor!
Also, here’s a really cute version of the dance performed as a contra dance.

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16. Church Clap

Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Unknown
Music: Church Clap by KB

This is a hip-hop gospel song and was not originally on my list for the top 50 popular line dances. But I had a spot still open and got a suggestion from a follower on Pinterest! So thank you Juliana Northcutt for the 411 on the line dance Church Clap! I hadn’t heard of it before, but based on YouTube video views it is well known and very popular.

Unfortunately, I don’t have too much info on it, but I’ve included two great videos. One is a great teach and demo and the next is an additional demo that further shows how fun and exciting this dance is. It is so explosive that it seems like an exercise class. I’m thinking it’s for a younger and more flexible crowd for sure!

A great demo and teach of the line dance Church Clap.

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17. Copperhead Road

Count: 24 Wall: 4 Level: Ultra Beginner

Choreographer: Steve Smith
Music: Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
The Copperhead Road line dance is a very popular classic that is timeless. This line dance isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Steve Earle song, inspired by true-life events in East Tennessee, is basically about moonshine running and passing that down to the next generation, along with all its grit and danger. Apparently, after the song became famous people would steal the Copperhead Road sign! So, today the have renamed it Copperhead Hollow Road to remedy that.

I think it’s cool that a much new country song from Riley Green (I wish grandpas never died) references this with the lyric “I wish… every road was named Copperhead.”

The line dance is very easy to learn at only 24 counts. Its always easy to spot this dance happening with the characteristic hop and hitch, step-backs and grapevine, heal slaps, the hopback, and hitch (or kick if you like).

Demo and teach of Copperhead Road by Cindy McMichael

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18. Cotton-Eyed Joe

Count: 32 Wall: 0 Level: Beginner

Choreographer: C.W. Parker
Music: Cotton-Eyed Joe’ by Rednex

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
So, line dance #18 was going to be Country Girl Shake! But two things happened. One, I’ve already included Country Girl Shake in the other post of 20 Beginner Line Dances You Need to Know! So check that out if you want to learn it as well as 19 other beginner line dances.

But also this was a line dance that was suggested on my Pinterest board by Jean Heavrin. So thank you, Jean! Of course, I’ve heard of the song but didn’t know about the line dance. She says it’s the most popular line dance in Texas! So after doing a little research, I saw a few versions, one was 16 counts, some as much as 60! After much debate, I am sharing a version that appears to be 32 counts. This seems to be the original Texas version of Cotton-Eyed Joe. But Texas is a big place, so who really knows for sure?

The Texas version of Cotton-Eyed Joe is a circle (or round) dance. So, it’s not like a regular line dance. But there is set choreography so in this way it is like line dancing. I’ve included 3 videos. The first is a solid tutorial by Robert Royston teaching the steps. Then I’ve included a really fun country bar scene where real people are doing it! And, notice the title “The Original Way!”

If you like circle dances like this, you’ll also be interested in learning the 10-step! I’ve included this in my post of “20 Beginner Line Dances You Need to Know.” Click here to check it out–(It’s last at #20).

And there’s another circle line dance I discovered as well that is to a hip hop song. It was featured in my post of “10 Rap Songs You Can Line Dance ToClick here to see it (It’s called “Full Circle”).

Then I’ve also included a really fun video that is a great compilation of 4 versions of the Cotton-Eyed Joe Line dance. Dancers demonstrate the dance from 4 regions: Oklahoma (what? It’s the circle version!), Ohio, Texas (and wait it’s different! and Georgia! So, enjoy that and be ready for wherever you go out to dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe line dance. So, yeah, notice the Oklahoma one is the Texas version and not the Texas one! This is where the country is just too big to know!

Robert Royston’s tutorial or what seems to be the popular and original way, as a circle dance.
This is “The Original Way!”
4 versions from 4 regions, all gathered together in one place!

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19. Dancing On The Edge

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Adia Nuno
Music: What We Gonna Do About It by Cale Dodds

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
My friend Adia Nuno is pretty new to the line dancing scene but in just a few years has really found her passion and loves teaching as well as choreographing some of her own line dances.

This one was really fun because of the tempo. Its really fast and, while just a 32 count dance the speed with which you have to hit all the steps definitely puts it at the improver level. Adia created the line dance and then used it as part of her promotion of an all-day dance workshop called The Edge Dance Event held in March of 2020. It was a great workshop!

Adia and Byron team up to give a great demo, teach, and walkthrough of this quick and fun line dance.

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20. Dizzy

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Jo Thompson Szymanski
Music: Dizzy by Scooter Lee

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
As the song suggests you might get dizzy doing this line dance. There’s a full turn as well as some half-turns that go really great with the song.

For the videos below I’ve included a great demo and teach from Gail Eaton again, but also was lucky enough to find the Choreographer, Jo Thomson Szymanski’s demo and teach as well. But it’s in a compilation video of hers, the video will start at minute 29 so you just see her teach Dizzy.

Gail Eaton’s demo and teach of the line dance Dizzy.
Jo Thomson Szymanski’s does a demo and teach of her dance Dizzy.

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21. A Drink In My Hand

Count: 32 Wall: 4Tag: 1 Level: Improver/Intermediate

Choreographer: Sandy Goodman (September 2011)
Music: A Drink In My Hand by Eric Church

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
I really love Eric Church songs and here’s a line dance to the song A Drink in My Hand. People love to add in the claps with this as well as the raising up of “drink in your hand.”

Sandy Goodman won 1st place at the Windy City Line Dance Mania Event for the dance in 2011.

Sandy Goodman’s demo and teach of A Drink In My Hand.

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22. Electric Slide

Count: 18 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Ric Silver (1976)
Music: Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Of course, I needed to include the Electric Slide in the top 50 Popular Line Dances. But I’ve included this one before in my post “20 Beginner Line Dances You Need to Know” If you want to learn the Electric slide click here to check it out for more information and some good videos.

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23. Fake ID

Count: 48 Wall: 4Tag: 1 (2x)Restarts: 1 Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Choreographer: Jamal Sims & Dondraico Johnson (2011)
Music: Fake ID by Big & Rich (With Gretchen Wilson)

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
The line dance Fake ID came about because of the redo of the movie Footloose. The 2011 version follows along the same script as the 1984 with a few upgrades and improvements. One of the huge improvements was the dance scene where we are introduced to the line dance Fake ID.

Naturally when the movie came out line dances thought: “I want to learn that dance!” And they got their wish as people stepped forward and offered the steps and tutorials. The Dance has caught fire and remains popular to this day. While it isn’t an easy dance to learn, devoted line dancers have mastered it and love dancing it on a weekly basis.

The version everyone does is an adaption by Anne Marie Dunn, so the videos below show the original and the an in depth teach from Kerry Kick (2 videos) to master it.

I was so interested in how this line dance came about I delved way deeper into it! Check out my post: What Line Dance is in the Movie Footloose? And is it Easy to Learn?

Part 1 of Kerry Kick’s teach of Fake ID. She calls it the Footloose Dance, but that’s just cause of the movie!
Part 2 of Kerry Kick’s teach of Fake ID.

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24. The Fighter

Count: 18 Wall: 2 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Rob Holley (Dec 2016)
Music: The Fighter by Keith Urban (with Carrie Underwood)
Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This is another crowd favorite on a typical Friday or Saturday night especially. I think people love the hops! As well as the spin and slide backward.

It doesn’t hurt that the song The Fighter by Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood was a huge hit. Check out Rob Holley’s demo of his dance Cowboy Saloon in Dover, DE. This video makes you want to learn the dance immediately!

Check out the choreographer’s demo of his dance for The Fighter!
Here is a great walk-through of the dance as well as demo by a fun crowd at RoShamBo Lounge at BeX in Lancaster, CA.

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25. Goin’ Hamm

Count: 32 Wall: 2Restart: 1Tag with Restart: 1 Level: Beginner/Improver

Choreographer: Trevor Andrew Thorton (August 2014)
Music: Crank It Up by Colt Ford

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Goin’ Hamm (with 2 m’s) is another Friday & Saturday night crowd-pleaser. Pretty much always guaranteed to be in the mix of the staple line dances called.

Crank it up by Colt Ford is a Country Rap song with a great beat that is just really fun has a lot of energy. Line dancers love to add in the pretend drinking to “put some of that party in my cup!” I’m including a couple of videos: great teaching from Borderline Bar & Grill’s Kristal Lynn and then a great example of a typical bar crowd doing “Goin’ Hamm.” Crank it Up!

Kristal Lynn’s great teach of the line dance Goin’ Hamm

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26. Groovy Love

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Fred Whitehouse (Ire), Daniel Trepat (NL) & Jonas Dahlgren (Swe) (July 2018)
Music: If Jesus Loves Me by Saint Lanvain, Rahmsed

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
I’ve learned Groovy love and done it a few times. Super fun dance to the non-country jam “If Jesus Loves Me.” One thing that is pretty cool is that it is the result of 3 choreographers coming together from 3 countries: Ireland, the Netherlands, & Sweden!

Here’s a thorough demo & teach of the line dance Groovy Love.

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27. Half Past Tipsy

Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Maddison Glover (AUS) & Rachael McEnaney (USA) – October 2019
Music: 1, 2 Many by Luke Combs and Brooks & Dunn

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Half Past Tipsy is a really cute dance that, at 48 counts is definitely an improver-level dance. A couple of things to note: there is a 16-count intro before you start the dance, on wall 3 after 24 counts there’s a restart at the 12:00 wall and on wall 7 after 32 counts there’s a tag. So, a little challenging, but a great song and a great dance to learn.

Great thorough demo & teach of the line dance Half Past Tipsy.

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28. Heartache on the Dance Floor

Count: 32 Wall: 4Restarts: 2Tag: 1 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Stephen Pistoia (March 2017)
Music: Heartache on the Dance Floor by Jon Pardi

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
As a big fan of Jon Pardi, I am super partial to this line dance. Jon Pardi has been said by some to be single-handedly bringing back traditional country music (or that he at least is at the forefront of that). Heartache on the dance floor is another one of his great hits.

I think Stephen Pistoia’s line dance for it is a great compliment to it. Something about the rock steps, 1/2 turn, shuffles, and mambo steps that seem to really flow well into each other and just make it a really fun dance to do. I’ve placed his own demo and teach here but also included California’s Adia Nuno & Jessica Cortez’s demo of it that they put out there this year in their effort to teach line dance online midst of the COVID shutdown. Of course, Adia asks the question: “How many of you have met your significant other on the dancefloor?”

Jon Pistoia demos and teaches his line dance for Jon Pardi’s Heartache on the dance floor.

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29. High Class

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Kerry Kick & Jessica Short (October 2015)
Music: High Class by Eric Paslay

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Here’s a line dance for the song of another great country artist: Eric Paslay. And if you frequent The Ranch in Anaheim, in Southern California you have taken lessons from their own Kerry Kick there. She’s a great instructor and in my mind, at least is a little famous for putting body rolls into her dances. If you like those her High Class dance will not disappoint!

Kerry Kick demos her line dance for Eric Paslay’s High Class.
Kerry Kick teach of her line dance for Eric Paslay’s High Class.

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30. High Horse

Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Silvia Schill, DE (April 2018)
Music: High Horse by Kasey Musgraves

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
I think this line dance is another one that is popular because of the song. Kasey Musgraves is a country artist, but her song High Horse was her first song to crossover to pop radio. It is a mesmerizing pop-disco hit you kinda can’t get enough of. The line dance is pretty simple, though considered an improver. I’m including a great demo and teach video, but also Kasey Musgraves’ music video which is overproduced, but pretty funny & entertaining.

Candy Sherwin’s teach and demo of the line dance High Horse.
Kasey Musgraves’ music video for High Horse.

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31. Honky Tonk County Line

Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Easy Intermediate Contra

Choreographer: Rick Dominguez (July 2017)
Music: Honky Tonk Highway by Luke Combs

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
So, I have a little experience with Honky Tonk County Line! It was early on in my exposure to country dancing and line dancing when I was on the floor for a lesson for Honky Tonk County Line. It is considered an “Easy Intermediate Contra,” but I don’t think “easy” should be part of that description!

This is a contra-dance, but unlike Black Velvet where the lines of dancers travel in opposite directions, in Honky Tonk County Line dancers also move horizontally too! There ends up being little squares or boxes where you move around each other! Learn this one and you will be ahead of me!

Here’s good walk through by the choreographer, Rick Dominguez. But you’ll have to try to imagine the dancers that he would be walking around!
A fun crowd of dancers who have Honky Tonk County Line totally down!

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32. I Got This

Count: 48 Wall: 4Restarts: 2 Level: Low Intermediate

Choreographer: Kristal Lynn Konzen (March 2018)
Music: I Got This by Jerrod Niemann

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This is a really cool and somewhat challenging line dance choreographed by Kristal Lynn Konzen who was teaching at the Borderline, but more recently at the BL Saloon in Agoura Hills. Here’s her tutorial and a great demo video as well. this is a little difficult, but just say to yourself: “I Got This!”

Kasey’s teach of her line dance “I Got This!”
Demo of Kasey’s line dance “I Got This!”

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33. Keep It Simple

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher, UK (February 2019)
Music: Keep It Simple by James Barker Band

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This is a super fun line dance! I had a great friend of mine just teach me this one on the fly and I got it down after a few tries. The Chassés are the fun part! I’ve included a good demo and teach of it, but its from a mystery line dancer! Even her YouTube channel hides her identity!

Demo and teach of the line dance “Keep It Simple”

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34. L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You)

Count: 64 Wall: 2 Level: Low Intermediate

Choreographer: Darren Bailey, UK (May 2019)
Music: Like I Love You by Lost Frequencies featuring NGHBRS

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This line dance is for the song Like I Love You, the creation of Lost Frequencies (Belgium DJ Felix De Laet). Its electronic music by the American Rock Band the NGHBRS.

The line dance is very cool, but not for a beginner really at 64 counts. I have enjoyed learning this line dance, (I enjoyed the diagonal walks with lock & rock steps) but need another lesson for sure to get it down!

Demo & teach of the line dance L.I.L.Y.

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35. Lonely Drum

Count: 32 Wall: 4Tags: 1 Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Choreographer: Darren Mitchell
Music: Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
The Lonely Drum line dance is a very popular line dance that is almost guaranteed on any weekend at the local country bar. It’s easy to do, even with the tag that it has.

Demo & Teach of the line dance Lonely Drum

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36. Men In Black (M.I.B.)

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Choreographer: James O. Kellerman
Music: Men In Black by Will Smith

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
When the Men In Black movies were around I really enjoyed all the goofiness and special effects as we were entertained by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (Agent J & K) protecting us from the hundreds of aliens we didn’t realize were living amongst us every day.

I never figured on doing a line dance to the song, but that’s what you can do now. The line dance to Will Smith’s song Men In Black is a pretty easy 32 count 4 wall, no tag line dance. Check out the video to learn it or brush up on it!

Demo & teach of the line dance Men In Black (M.I.B.)

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37. MMMBop

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Kelly Kaylin
Music: MMMBop by The Hansons

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
The line dance for MMMBop really complements the happy uptempo feel of the Hanson’s 1997 hit teen pop song. I really like the point steps, the sailor steps, and the hold parts in the dance. It moves fast, but the holds make it interesting and the cross steps give it a fun sense of traveling. Just a fun dance and a great example of a fun non-country line dance.

Teach & Demo of MMM Bop
Great demo of MMM Bop!

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38. Nothing But You

Count: 64 Wall: 4Restarts: 1 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Darren Bailey
Music: Nothing but You by Leaving Austin

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This line dance has really caught fire and it is just because it is so fun to do. It is a challenge to learn at 64 counts, but once you get it it is pretty addictive. One thing really cool about it is the fast clapping part!

In the early part of 2020, before Covid-19 shut down the bars and brought line dancing to a screeching halt, the Ranch Saloon in Anaheim had their annual dance competition. The second video below is a little bit of that night. Check out the energy of a big dance floor of really great line dancers putting everything they have into the Nothing But You line dance!

Patti Leathers does a great teach of Nothing But You.
Check out some dance floor energy and joy as dancers compete dancing Nothing But You.

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39. Play That Sax

Count: 64 Wall: 2 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Michael Metzger
Music: Sax by Fleur East

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Another crazy addictive line dance to a non-country song. It is also an intermediate one at 64 counts. Check out the video below from the choreographer’s YouTube channel.

Great demo of the Play That Sax line dance

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40. Power Jam

Count: 24 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Kathi Stringer
Music: American Muscle by Canaan Smith (and countless others!)

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Here’s another line dance I’ve mentioned before on this site! But, Power Jam can’t be left out of the list of 50 Popular Line Dances That Everybody Loves. To find out about the Power Jam and learn it, go to my post on “20 Beginner Line Dances You Need To Know.” Click here to check it out and see a great demo & teach video of it.

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41. Redneck Angel

Count: 16 Wall: 4 Level: High Beginner

Choreographer: Cheri Litzenburg & Renae Filiou
Music: Merry Go Round by The JaneDear Girls or Redneck Angel by Dean Crawford & The Dunn’s River band

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Redneck Angel is another very staple line dance at the clubs on a Friday or Saturday night. It is only 16 counts but is considered a High Beginner. I’m not exactly sure why because Redneck Angel isn’t actually one of my favorite line dances so I don’t have too much familiarity with it. I think its because of the song! I’m not a big fan of Merry Go Round. Honestly, I wish DJs would play the song that is actually called Redneck Angel sometimes when they call it. That would be cool!

Teach & Demo of the Redneck Angel line dance

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42. Shape Of You

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Jennifer Oliphant
Music: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
I think people really like this line dance because of how well it goes with Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You.

Great teach & demo of the line dance Shape of You by Candy Sherwin

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43. Stitches

Count: 32 Wall: 4Restarts: 1 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Amy Glass
Music: Stitches by Shawn Mendes

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This a really fun fast-paced dance, hence definitely an improver. I’ve included a great demo & teach below but also an example of some folks just having some pure fun dancing the Stitches line dance.

Demo & teach of the line dance Stitches
A fun demo of Stitches

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44. T.G.I.F.

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate / Advanced Hustle

Choreographer: Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Perron
Music: Just Got Paid by NSYNC or Always there by Incognito with Jocelyn Brown.

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This line dance I suspect was created originally for NSYNC’s Just Got Paid, but I really love song Always There. I’ve included a video showing it danced for each song!

Teach & demo of the line dance T.G.I.F.
Demo of T.G.I.F. danced to the song Always There by Incognito featuring Jocelyn Brown

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45. The Walk (Mucara Walk)

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer: John Steel
Music: La Mucara By The Mavericks

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
So naturally, I’ve done a lot of these line dances to know about them and have an opinion. But in researching all these, I did come across a few I haven’t had much exposure to. The Walk is one of those. But, as a Mavericks fan, this one now has to be on my list!

Gail Eaton’s teach & demo of the Mucara Walk (The Walk) line dance.

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46. Walk The Line

Count: 26 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer: Sandi Larkins
Music: I Brake For Brunettes by Rhett Akins or That Girl by Kevin Fowler

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This is another line dance that is pretty fast-paced. So a real key to doing these kinds of dances is to take smaller steps. In the video below I’ve included by Cindy she teaches the step sheet version, but then goes over a common variation used when it is danced in the Southern California area clubs.

Demo & teach of Walk the Line with the So. Cal club variation also included

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47. Watermelon Crawl

Count: 40 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer: Sue Lipscomb
Music: Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This is another line dance I’ve already mentioned on this site! But, I needed to include here also in the list of 50 Popular Line Dances That Everybody Loves. So, to find out about the Watermelon Crawl and learn it, go to my post on “20 Beginner Line Dances You Need To Know.” Click here to check it out and see a great demo video of it.

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48. We Are Tonight

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Dan Albro
Music: We Are Tonight by Billy Currington

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
This line dance is one of my personal favorites! It might be partly cause I’m such a big Billy Currington fan, but, as is a recurring theme here the really popular line dances are often the perfect combination of good choreography that fits a great song. If you like the song and the dance steps complement it and take advantage of it you have a winner. That’s what We Are Tonight is like for me. Learn this one for sure–its a staple line dance.

Also, I can’t help but mention part of the joy in dancing this line dance is how much it expresses the sentiment of dancing with friends on a Friday night and of course the constant hope for the romance that an evening out might bring.

Swayin’ back-n-forth, can’t you feel the music?
Time stands still, I don’t wanna lose it
Her tan, her touch, her laugh
Were flyin’ so high like we’re never gonna crash

Billy currington, we are tonight
Teach of We Are Tonight
This is what line dancing is all about!

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49. What Makes You Country

Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Rob Holley (January 2018)
Music: What Makes You Country by Luke Bryan

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Yet another pretty easy beginner line dance making the rounds lately. It’s one that starts with the classic “toe, heel, stomp” and goes on from there. For the video, I’m giving some love to the person that put this video together to incorporate some live footage of Luke Bryan and throw in some video effects just for fun. Enjoy!

Demo & teach of What Makes You Country (with some cool video effects)

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50. The Wolf

Count: 32 Wall: 4Restarts: 1 Level: Improver

Choreographer: Jonno Liberman
Music: The Wolf by The Spencer Lee Band

Step Sheet: Click here to download.
Another one of the most popular line dances right now in the bars. I think the thigh slap and the boot slap are great. I think people also just love the song and how the dance plays so well to it. Another one you need to add to the list.

Teach & Demo of the Wolf line dance.
Extra very cool demo of The Wolf line dance

Well, that’s the list–My update for 2023 for 50 of the currently popular line dances right now. There are actually so many more. It is difficult to decide what to include and what not to! And I’m sure there will be people who totally disagree with some of my choices! I’m okay with that. I’m sure depending on where you are out dancing the popular dances right now might be different. Please leave a comment if you have some suggestions!

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