Is This The Biggest Dance Floor In The World? (Issue 4)

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May 20, 2022 | Country Dancing Tonight | Newsletter #4

Hello Country Dancers!

First of all, thank you to all the new subscribers!

I’m excited about this great warmer weather we’re getting and about what the summer will bring! Especially all the dancing ahead.

I hope everyone is getting out now to dance every chance you get. I’ve been exploring a new place myself… Montana’s Country Night Club in San Dimas, CA. I have really been enjoying the Partner Dance Lessons there every Friday Night from Lyndee & Marlene. So good!

For this month’s email, I have a couple of new things to share!

May’s Topics:
Country Dancing at the Stagecoach Festival & The Honky Tonk Dancehall
24 Classic Line Dances – The Timeless Ones We Still Love!

First of all about my “biggest dance floor” question above…

At the end of April, I was at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival and besides the great country music, there was a lot of country dancing going on as well. Check out my brief recap of my weekend in Coachella at Stagecoach. And the photos, because I think the Honky Tonk Dance Hall might house the largest dance floor in recorded history!

Also, I have created yet another Line Dance Roundup! My latest list is all about The Classic Line Dances. Check it out! I’m curious if you agree!

Besides that I do have a couple other things going on with the blog!

Write ups on two great country dancing venues in Hanover, MD & none other than Nashville, TN!

The Original Cancun Cantina The Nashville Palace. Check ’em out!

And look back at the home page from time to time. Many more write-ups on great country dancing venues all over the country, coming soon!

WRITERS NEEDED! Also, for my country dancing blog, I am also on the lookout to hire writers to help me put out some good, helpful content for the dance community!

So, looking for writers and even suggestions for the blog in general!

Thanks for reading!