April Country Dancing News. Southern California & Texas (Issue 3)

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April 8, 2022 | Country Dancing Tonight | Newsletter #3

Spring Has Sprung…

I love this time of the year! Spring has sprung! It’s heating up and feels a little more like summer every day!

And it seems like (thankfully, with the Covid numbers falling) country dancing is heating up as well!

I hope you all are enjoying navigating some packed overcrowded dance floors wherever you are!

Last month I talked about an upcoming dance event: The Edge Dance Convention. Well, it happened! And it was amazing! It was a unique dance convention held out in Temecula. There were so many aspects to the weekend. So much value for the price of admission. Check out my full recap and round-up of the weekend!

The Edge Dance Event – A Unique Country Dance Convention Experience

The more I get involved with country dancing and line dancing, the more I’ve become aware of these kinds of conventions and workshops around the country. If you have a favorite please let me know!

There are a couple others similar events coming up in the west soon this summer:

Both happening July 22-24:

​WWLA Wrangler Weekend, Los Angeles and…
The YESSS!! Dance Convention, Scottsdale AZ

Check them out!

More April Dancing News:

As many of you know, the Stagecoach Festival is at the end of the month. One thing cool about Stagecoach for dancers is that during the weekend there is a 12 hour dance party with nonstop DJs, dancing, performances and lessons!

Program Director Annemarie Dunn (Honky Tonk Team Captain) has quite a line up scheduled including:

Line Dance Instructors:
Kat Painter, Cindi Massengale, Christopher Gonzales, Jonno Liberman, Byran Roberson, and Alex Jung.
Country Swing Instructors:
Anthony & Rose Lewis & Performance Team
West Coast Swing Instructor:
Ben Morris & Performance Team
Country Two Step Instructor:
Rob Ingenthron & Performance Team
And also: The LA Wranglers & Moonshiners Performance Teams!

So, in addition to the great headlining country acts performing, some great country dancing opportunities as well! Get your pass and come dance!

New Blog Post!

Lastly, if you are in Texas I have a new list of best places for country dancing for you! A list of 12 venues etc. – the hot and happening places for country dancing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

12 Best Country Bars and Venues for Dancing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area!

But where are YOU, my dancing friend? Where do you dance? Is there an amazing country dance hall and fun community of dancers we need to know about? Please let me know!

Also check out some other country dance venue lists!
Southern California
Nashville, TN
Chicago, IL

WRITERS NEEDED! Also, for my country dancing blog, I am also on the lookout to hire writers to help me put out some good, helpful content for the dance community!

So, looking for writers and even suggestions for the blog in general!

Thanks for reading!