What Is Your Country Dance Story? (Issue 8)

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December 6, 2023 | Country Dancing Tonight | Newsletter #8

Hello Country Dancers! And Happy Holidays!

Who doesn’t like a good story? When it comes to country dancing if you are a dancer, I’m betting there’s a story there!

What Is Your Country Dancing Story?

I know I have one and maybe you’ve already stumbled upon it already in my about page.

But this month’s email features a great one! My new friend in the country dancing scene is Gregg Tomchick. This just sort of happened… his enthusiasm for his newfound love of dancing has been fun to watch and I thought needed to be shared and inspired a new article on the blog. Check it out! There’s also something called “The Streak” that you might want to know about!

Country Dancer Spotlight, From Surfer to Country Dancer! …and a Dancing Streak!

DancerSpotlight feature

But what is your country dancing story? I would love to hear it! If you have a story to tell that you think will be fun & interesting to readers please send it my way! I’d like to do more of these “Dancer Spotlights” in the future. I already have a few friends in the dance community that seem interested, but I need more! If interested please send me a little teaser of what you’d like to share!

Country Dancing In Houston!

NEXT, and this is a biggie! I’ve also recently published a new round-up of dancing venues for a large city area: Houston!

10 Best Country Bars and Venues for Dancing in Houston!

There are so many great venues there to go dancing. I got some help for this from a Texas country singer David Bridwell as well as Houston native and great line dance choreographer & instructor Britt Beresik. So Check this out as well!

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The Interesting History of The Honky-Tonk!

As a bonus, there’s also a new article on The History of Honky-Tonks. This one is more of a history lesson, but I think has some interesting things to know! Also, a reader of the blog made a great contribution to that one! Thank you, Christine!

The History of Honky-Tonks – Surprising Facts You Need To Know!

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Merry Line Dancing!

As we get deep into the Christmas season I know line dance instructors out there will be pulling out some special holiday line dances we only do around this time of the year. Last year I compiled 25 in a post. Check it out if you need some ideas for that. I’ve revised it a little and #25 is a new one from choreographer Bonita Malone! Thanks, Bonita for sending that one to me!

25 Christmas Beginner Line Dances! Easy to Learn & Teach!


Southern California Upcoming Dance Opportunities…

For my local or not-so-local dancing friends! Here’s some important dance event news!


Yes, The Edge is coming! March 10-12, 2023 will see the 4th Annual Edge Dance Event! I love this event and want to let you know you can get your tickets now! Click here to Register!

Besides all the workshops the Edge also features great dance competitions going on at night in the CRC Barn to challenge and entertain. In preparation for these, there will be some invitational competitions starting now! Here are the dates & locations!

Dec. 10 Cowboy Country, Long Beach CA (Saturday night)
Dec. 16 The Temecula Stampede, Temecula CA (Friday night)
Jan. 12 The Barn, Ramona CA (Thursday night)
Jan. 21 The Branding Iron, San Bernardino CA (Saturday night)
Jan. 27 Buffalo Club, Boise ID (Friday night)
Feb. 24-26 Northern California
 (locations TBD)
Possible other locations: Moonshine Beach & Borderline (stay tuned!)

Even if you are not competing, these are great nights to go enjoy seeing some great dancers compete!

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Beautiful Temecula Valley & Country Dance Workshops!

To see what this event is like, check out my blog post recap of it from earlier this year:
The Edge Dance Event – A Unique Country Dance Convention Experience!

Line Dance Instructor Spotlight!

If you read the Dancer Spotlight article mentioned above you’ll hear about Cindi Massengale, Long Beach line dance instructor at Cowboy Country & The Gaslamp. Check out more information on her classes here!

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And, as always when it comes to other dance opportunities & events or cool dance halls and honky-tonks in other places, please know that I’m on the lookout! Where are the best places to go dancing? Or what great country dancing events are coming up?

And, as a subscriber to my blog please let me know where YOU go dancing! I’d love to know! This might help me create the next giant exhaustive blog post for BEST PLACES TO COUNTRY DANCE in a city near YOU!

Thanks for reading, & Merry Christmas!