California, Arizona & Texas Country Dancing–Summer, 2023! (Issue 12)

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July 28, 2023 | Country Dancing Tonight | Newsletter #12

Summer 2023 Country Dancing in California, Arizona & Texas!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! And especially a great summer of country dancing!

For this month’s email, I am highlighting FOUR new articles on the blog!

This is a long overdue email, but hopefully worth the wait, as I was collecting some new material to write & report about. The main thing I did this summer was a road trip through Texas. I had a great time checking out some of the best places to dance! If you live in Texas or planning to visit I highly recommend you check out these honky-tonks and dancehalls.

Texas Honky-Tonks & Dance Halls

First, my trip to Texas! There are so many great places to country dance in Texas! My blog post recaps my whole trip! From historical honky-tonks to cavernous dance halls, and some special in-between havens for country dance–I saw it all! Check it all out below!

The Maverick – Tucson’s Best Place for Line Dancing!

Next, I’m excited to highlight a great country bar in Tucson, Arizona! I’m from California, so to get to Texas, there was some driving, and I was happy to stop in and sample a great place to dance along the way. It turns out, it was worth a whole blog article! One highlight was the great line dance lessons happening two nights a week!

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Best Line Dance Classes–Instructors & Locations of So Cal!

The love of line dancing is often discovered at the local country bar, but what if you aren’t inclined to go out to a bar? Line dancing is still accessible often in community centers and from instructors that like to hold classes throughout the week. Here’s a round-up of the best So. Cal. classes–the instructors, classes, and locations! Check it out!


Jason LaPorte, A New Line Dance Choreographer for So Cal!

So, what happens if one of your local dancing friends starts to create his own choreographed line dances out of the blue? Well, if you have a blog about dancing you have to tell the story! And that’s what recently happened at The Ranch in Anaheim, CA. Jason LaPorte is on fire and coming up with some good dances! Check it out!

Jason feature

Other Country Dancing Happenings

YESSS!! National Dance Convention & Competition

It’s late July, so that means the YESSS!! Dance Convention in Scottsdale, AZ is here! The YESSS!! Dance Convention, taking place this weekend, July 27th-30th, is the largest country swing and line dance event in the country! If you can, for sure go to this great weekend of workshops and social dancing! This weekend, July 27th-30th.

I know this is a last-minute mention, but if you still can, join dancers from all over the country! To learn more check out the website at: yesssdanceconvention.comThe Facebook page, or Click here to Register!

Lone Star Invitational

Lone Star Invitational is another country dance workshop opportunity happening, of course, in Texas! This is a fully ACDA (American Country Dance Association) sanctioned country western dance competition happening August, 11-14. Along with the competition are workshops for both partner dancing and line dancing. If you check out my blog post on Texas you’ll meet Amy Glass a great line dance instructor who also will be teaching some workshops at the Lone Star Invitational. Along with the competitions and workshops will be social dancing and also some great dance shows. Click on the graphic below to visit the site for more information and to register!


Line Dance Instructor Spotlight!

Cindi Massengale is a great Long Beach line dance instructor at Cowboy Country & The Gaslamp! See my new blog post about So. Cal. Instructors here to learn more about her Monday night classes.


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Line Dance Instructor Spotlight!

Jeannie Davies is a great line dance instructor in Irvine, CA. See my new blog post to learn more about her classes or register here: or 949-724-6800
Rancho Senior Center (RSC)
3 Ethel Coplen Way • 949-724-6800

Line Dance Instructor Spotlight!

Amy Glass is a wonderful line dance instructor from Pflugerville, north of Austin, TX. She teaches at Mavericks on Tuesday nights. Check out my blog post about my recent trip to Texas to learn more!

amyGlass spotlight

marcia spotlight

Line Dance Instructor Spotlight!

Marcia Willis Riebe is an awesome line dance instructor at Rodeo Exchange in Fort Worth Texas! To learn more about her classes on Thursday night check out my blog post about my recent trip to Texas!

Lastly, have you tried out Fuego Dancing Shoes? I’ve seen them on the dance floor a little, and they seem to be about to really take off! In fact, Women’s Health Magazine just voted them the #1 DANCE SNEAKER! If you need a pair I have a 10% off through my blog click here, or below! Just use code BRIANS10 at purchase.

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And, as a subscriber to my blog please let me know where YOU go dancing! I’d love to know! And if you have a line dance instructor who you love, let me know and I would be glad to highlight them here.

Thanks for reading!


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