Best Line Dance Classes–Instructors & Locations of So Cal!

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I don’t think there’s much debate that line dancing is a great activity for your health and well-being in general. The health benefits to body and mind, as well as the social connections and friendship opportunities, are widely enjoyed by all who love this activity.

Getting involved in line dancing is usually by going to a local country bar, but what if you aren’t too interested in the bar scene but still want to learn to line dance?

Well, if this is you, read on! This article lists some of the instructors I know who do have ongoing regularly scheduled classes outside of the typical bar and evening nightclub experience.

Some great instructors with consistent classes in Southern California are Jeannie Davies, Cindi Massengale, Annemarie Dunn, Carrie Wojciechowski, Candy Sherwin, Jonno Liberman, Gina Johnson, Kimberly Gautney, and Chris Bradley. These are well-known and experienced instructors teaching line dancing from beginner to advanced dances!

So, if you are in the Southern California area here are some great classes and communities where people are line dancing “sans alcohol!”

Click on their names or photos to pop down to each instructor’s class information!

Southern California Line Dance Instructors

Scroll down for some quick, at-a-glance information about each instructor. Locations and what days classes are available. Then click on the pictures to jump down to learn more about the instructor and all their information to get involved. Also, see the map directly below for an idea of where all these instructors teach.

Line Dancing with Jeannie

Classes in Irvine at the Rancho Senior Center & Anaheim

Jeannie days
jeannie button

Dance with Cindi

Classes in Long Beach at & Bolsa Chica Beach

cindis days
cindi button 1

Annemarie WordinMotion

Classes in and around the Inland Empire

annmarie days
annmarie button

Carrie Wojo

Classes in South Orange County

carrie days 1
carrie button

Candy Sherwin

Thursday night classes in Moorpark, Ventura County

Candy days
candy button

Jonno Liberman

Wednesday night classes at the Costa Mesa Dance Center

Jonno days
jonno button

Line Dancing with Gina

Monday night classes at the Ebell Club of Anaheim

Gina days 1
gina button

Learn to Dance with Kimberly

Line Dancing with a Kick! Every Thursday night in Laguna Hills.

Candy days
Kimberly button 1

Luv to Line Dance –Chris

Monday night classes at the Elks Club of Lancaster

Gina days 1
Chris button

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Line Dancing with Jeannie

Jeannie Davies discovered line dancing just eight years ago, but when she did, she found something she loved and would be passionate about for years. Since discovering line dance, Jeannie has opened and run her own dance studio for a while but now partners with the city of Irvine, teaching at one of their local senior centers–Rancho Senior Center.

Jeannie nobutton

I first met Jeannie at The Ranch Saloon in Anaheim and am always inspired by her passion for dance. In 2021 she persuaded me to attend the Vegas Dance Explosion, where I was opened up to a whole new world of line dance beyond the local country bar experience. Jeannie herself when she discovered “circuit” line dancing took her involvement in line dance to a new level. She loves keeping up with the new line dances and the challenging improver or advanced dances, bringing them to her students and even the local bar where the more advanced dancers are ready to take anything on.

Jeannie’s improver level class dancing Tequilla Snaps by local choreographer Rick Dominguez.

While she loves the challenging dances, don’t worry–her classes are open to all, and she teaches all levels! If one of her Irvine time slots is open for you, check it out! Also, in addition to her classes in Irvine, she recently has begun a Friday late afternoon-evening meetup at Riverdale Park in Anaheim–currently, they meet from about 5-7 pm.

Jeannie’s classes at Rancho Senior Center are listed in the Irvine Senior Connection and offered with a discount if you sign up for a whole session. Her sessions run for about 11 weeks. Drop-ins are welcome, and you can join a 2-hour class for just $10! But check out her schedule below for what the discounted session rate is.

If you are in the Irvine area or Orange County, Jeannie’s classes are a great option for you to either get started with line dancing or continue and improve from the level you are already at!

Feel free to contact Jeannie directly if interested. She can help you get going, answer any questions, and also help you connect with her group on Friday nights at Riverdale Park in Anaheim. She can be reached at (909) 680-2156.

Rancho Senior Center Line Dance Schedule & Location for Line Dancing with Jeannie

See below for her typical weekly schedule and the Irvine Senior Connection magazine clipping for her current Summer 2023 schedule.

Beginner Classes

Tuesday5-7 pm
Thursday3:30-5:30 pm

Improver Classes

Saturday10:30 am-12:30 pm
Monday10:30 am-12:30 pm
Wednesday3:30 pm-5:30 pm


Rancho Senior Center
3 Ethel Coplen Way, Irvine, CA 92612


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Dance with Cindi

If you live in the Long Beach area or anywhere surrounding Cowboy Country in Long Beach, your go-to line dance instructor is for sure Cindi Massengale!

In addition to being a weekend line dance instructor for Cowboy Country on Friday nights and also at the Gaslamp Restaurant and Bar on Thursday nights, Cindi holds her main line dance lessons on Mondays in the early evening also at Cowboy Country. She also teaches line dance lessons on Sundays (during the summer) at Seasalt Beachside Burgers at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach. To keep up with what Cindi is teaching and for special events where she will be, check her Facebook!

cindi nobutton

Monday Classes at Cowboy Country

Even though this article is about classes outside of the country bars–this counts! Cowboy Country is closed for business on Mondays, but Cindi uses the venue for her line dance classes every Monday! The bar is closed and only open for participants in her classes on Mondays–still restricted, though, for those 21 and over. I’ve attended several times, and it is a great time that takes advantage of the great dance floor at Cowboy Country.

DancewithCindiLogo1 2

If this location works for you, give it a try! Cindi is a great instructor! She has taught country dancing for ten years and has been an aerobics instructor for 28! As she takes everyone through the steps, she is very succinct and thorough, with tons of repetition. I heard once that a good teacher “doesn’t forget what it’s like not to know!” Sometimes, teachers go too fast, forgetting what it was like their first time doing something. Cindi is the opposite. She knows how to teach, so her students get it.

Sometimes in Cindi’s classes, I’ve thought to myself: “C’mon Cindi, we’ve got it–play the music!” But she just keeps patiently repeating. And when we finally do get to the music, I realize how much more solidly I have the dance down! If you take one of Cindi’s classes, you will hear her say: “What’s the most important thing in dancing?” to which the regulars shout back, “Fake it ‘til you make it!” But with her style of teaching, there’s actually less faking needed!


Her line dance classes are generally 3 Monday nights out of each month and feature three hour-long sessions. See below for times and levels taught.

Monday, 5 pmLine Dance Level 1 – Beginner Basics
Monday, 6 pmLine Dance Level 2 – Beginner / Easy Intermediate
Monday, 7 pmLine Dance Level 3 – Intermediate

6 or 9-week participants: If you want to do 2 hours every week, $10 off the 2nd hour, or all 3 hours $15 off the 2nd & 3rd hour.
If you’ve paid the series price for 1 hour and would like to stay for an additional hour once in a while, it will be a $10 drop-in for each additional hour for current 6 or 9-week series participants.
If you do not sign up for the full 3, 6, or 9-week series, a drop in prices below will apply.
WEEKLY Drop-Ins:
$13 per class – PRE-REGISTER PRICE


Cowboy Country Saloon
3321 South St, Long Beach, CA 90805

Please contact Cindi Massengale directly if interested. These classes are strictly through her (not Cowboy Country). Also, she can let you know when the classes are, etc. While she will take “drop-ins,” generally, people sign up for a 3-month series package, similar to how community centers run dance lessons.

Pre-register for Cindi’s classes for a series for the best pricing! You can use the smaller packages on any of the dates and makeup missed classes at a different hour. But keep in mind it is important to pre-register for the series pricing. See below for her pricing:

9 Weeks$95Full Series Including Series Party
6 Weeks$65Any 6 Weeks, not including Series Party
3 Weeks$35Any 3 Weeks, not including Series Party

Further details about Cindi’s Monday Night Classes:

1) Reply to me by email, include the class time(s) you wish to register for, and include your name and phone number
2) Payment is by Venmo, PayPal, ApplePay, or Zelle
3) You can get a pre-registration price and pay cash for a full series at the door. You must notify me ahead of time.
(If paying cash at the door, please arrive a few minutes early so as not to disrupt the class, and try to have the exact amount. Note the prices are higher at the door.)

Feel free to contact Cindi directly with any questions at (714) 943-5825 or via email at [email protected]

Cindi Massengale calling out steps for an excited crowd at Cowboy Country. Watch to the end for her “Closing Thoughts!”

If you are interested in what is happening at Cowboy Country on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, click here.

Seasalt Beachside Burgers Country Sundays – Line Dancing at the Beach!

During the warmer months, usually starting around Memorial Day weekend and going through the summer, Cindi also has line dancing lessons at Seasalt Beachside Burgers at Bolsa Chica right along the boardwalk!

12-6 p.m. Country Summer Sundays
12:00-1:30 pm Line Dance Lessons and Dancing with Cindi
1:30 pm DJ OPEN DANCING with DJ Cindi Massengale
2:30-5:30 pm LIVE MUSIC

There is no cover charge, all ages are welcome, and it is even pet-friendly!

Cindi as instructor and DJ at Seasalt on a Sunday afternoon at Bolsa Chica Beach.

Note: The above information about Cindi’s classes is subject to change. Please contact her to confirm the current information and pricing.

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Annemarie Wordinmotion

Annemarie Dunn of Annemarie Wordinmotion is a very experienced and accomplished dancer. Like Cindi, she is also a regular instructor at some popular country bars. On Thursday and Friday nights, Annemarie teaches at The Whiskey River Saloon and Dance Hall in Norco! On Wednesday nights, she is teaching at Aurea Vista in Riverside for their Wednesday night Boots & Dukes theme night.

When the weekend is over and the work week gets underway, Annemarie turns her focus on some community line dance instruction.

annemarie noButton

She teaches in community centers Monday and Tuesday and has classes in two locations each day, offering 9 classes total! On Monday it is Chino in the afternoon and then onto Rancho Cucamonga in the evening. On Tuesdays, she’s in Fontana in the morning and then onto Claremont for evening classes.

If you live in the Inland Empire area Annemarie is your line dance instructor of choice, especially with all the classes she offers for both locations & levels! See below for the full breakdown of her classes, days, locations, times, and levels.

360096779 6988009494561237 1888475887400539856 n

The Chino Community Center afternoon class is Annemarie’s “Let’s Groove Mondays” for 50+ dancers. If interested in one of these classes please register online with Chino Parks and Recreation ($7 residents, $17 non-residents).

For all other classes listed, please register with Annemarie Dunn directly: 951-522-6843

Monday Classes

ChinoTimeLevel/Age Group
Chino Community Center12-1 pmBeginner
Chino Community Center1-2 pmIntermediate
Chino Community Center2-3 pmAdvanced
Class package: $7 residents/$17 non-residents monthly rate.
Rancho CucamongaTimeLevel/Age Group
Rhythm Addict Dance Studio6-6:50 pmBeginner
Rhythm Addict Dance Studio7-7:50 pmIntermediate/Advanced
Class package: 36.00/month! • Drop-ins: $12.00

Tuesday Classes

Jessie Turner Health & Fitness Community Center10-10:50 amBeginner
Jessie Turner Health & Fitness Community Center11-11:50 amIntermediate/Advanced
Class package: 28.00 for 4 weeks! • Ages: 18+ yrs.
Claremont Center for Spiritual Living6:30 pmBeginner
Claremont Center for Spiritual Living7:30 pmIntermediate/Advanced
Class package: 36.00/month! • Drop-ins: $12.00

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Chino Community Center
5334 B Street, Chino, CA 91770

Rhythm Addict Dance Studio
9651 Business Center Drive, Bldg. 15, Suite A
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


Jessie Turner Health & Fitness Community Center
15556 Summit Avenue, Fontana, CA 92335

Claremont Center for Spiritual Living
509 S. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Note: Annemarie’s line dance classes (times and locations) are subject to change. These are her current classes as of summer, 2023. Please follow her on Facebook to confirm where and when her current classes are. In addition to her regular schedule of classes, she may post information about special line dancing events also on her Facebook page!

Besides being an excellent instructor Annemarie has also choreographed 24 line dances! Check out her dances on Copperknob! Also, while Annemarie is involved somewhere dancing almost every day of the week, something that she is known for is her leadership and organization of what is happening in the Stagecoach Honky-Tonk Dance Hall every year at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival.

58659933 10156759910606998 9095605169344741376 n

She oversees the lessons and the DJs that will keep the Stagecoach Honky-Tonk dancing going and exciting all weekend long. Leading up to Stagecoach in anticipation of the weekend Annemarie puts together the Honky-Tonk dance team and does so by holding dance competitions throughout California.

Last year 11 bars participated over about a month, and many of the winners then formed the dance team for Stagecoach. Check out more info on last year’s contests here.

Needless to say, Annemarie’s passion for dance and involvement in her local dance community is remarkable and makes her a great person to look to for all things country dance and line dancing!

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Country Dance with Carrie Wojo

Carrie Wojciechowski, aka Carrie Wojo, teaches in South Orange County in Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and San Clemente. So if you live down in the southernmost area of Orange County or below Carrie Wojo is a great option for you to take line lessons!

Carrie simply LOVES dancing! Since I’ve known Carrie, I’d say there are few if any that appear happier when dancing–the dance floor is truly her happy place!

She is a dancer by night and a clinical nutritionist by day. She’s been dancing for 24 years and has a true passion for helping people feel more confident on the dance floor. She offers lessons in all kinds of dance, including line dancing. Check out her schedule below for locations, days, and times.

carrie noButton 1

Besides the classes I’ve listed, like a lot of the teachers here, she has a regular night teaching at a local bar. Catch her classes and her group on Thursday nights at Sammy’s Original in Lake Forest.

highres 483639381

To help people connect with her classes Carrie uses the Meetup app and website. Find what she’s got going on currently by visiting her Meetup home page here. In addition to her regular schedule of classes, she may also post information about special line dancing events on Meetup.

Monday Classes

Aliso ViejoTimeLevel
Aliso Viejo Ranch5:30-6:15 pmBeginner Line Dance Class for 50+
Aliso Viejo Ranch6:30-7:15 pmIntermediate
Class package: 45.00 for four weeks! Drop-ins: $15.00.

If interested in this class, please check out more information on Meetup. Carrie suggests this class might work best for Aliso Viejo residents only.

To sign up with Aliso Viejo Ranch go here. You can also call (949) 425-2550, or show up 10 minutes early on the day of the class.

Wednesday Classes

Mission ViejoTimeLevel
Norman P. Murray Community Center9:15-10:15 amBeginner
Norman P. Murray Community Center10:30 am-12 pmIntermediate
Cost: $10 drop-in or ask about 4-5 week session discount!

Friday Class

San ClementeTimeLevel
Dorothy Visser Senior Center10-11 amBeginner
Cost: $5 per class. Please come 15 minutes early to register!

Saturday Classes (2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month)

Laguna HillsTimeLevel
Sway Ballroom10 amAdvanced
Sway Ballroom11 amIntermediate
Sway Ballroom12 pmBeginner



Aliso Viejo
Aliso Viejo Ranch
100 Park Ave
Aliso Viejo, CA


Mission Viejo
Norman P. Murray Community Center
24932 Veterans Way (at La Paz Rd.)
Mission Viejo, CA


San Clemente
Dorothy Visser Senior Center
117 Avenida Victoria
San Clemente, CA


Laguna Hills
Sway Ballroom
25260 La Paz Rd, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Note: Carrie’s line dance classes (times and locations) are subject to change. These are her current classes as of summer, 2023. Please follow her on Meetup to confirm where and when her current classes are.

Check out this casual interview with Carrie about her passion for line dancing.

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Candy Sherwin

Candy Sherwin is a very well know line dance instructor, largely due to her YouTube channel. Thousands of people have taken lessons from Candy now over several years and have benefited from her great line dance instruction. So, many might be wondering, where is Candy Sherwin actually at?

Candy has been teaching for years in the Thousand Oaks area, north of Los Angeles. Currently, her Borderline dance family has experienced some struggles with having a consistent bar to call their home place to meet and dance every week. Fortunately, they keep adapting and finding new places!

Candy noButton 1

Recently a new place they’ve been dancing is the Event Center of Moorpark. Below are the current times for Candy’s lessons on Thursday nights. The level of dances taught sometimes varies, but generally follows the below.

Event Center of Moorpark6:30 pmBeginner/Improver
Event Center of Moorpark7:30 pmImprover/Intermediate

There is a cover charge of $10 at the door which covers the lessons and gets you in for the whole night of dancing from 6-10 pm.

Event Center of Moorpark
14339 White Sage Rd Unit B,
Moorpark, CA 93021

Candy is also teaching in a bar on the weekends as well! You can find her at the Cowboy Palace, Chatsworth, twice each month on a Friday or Saturday. Check their website or their Facebook page to know when you can catch her lessons there.

Candy Sherwin’s YouTube Channel

Now, a little more about Candy’s channel! If you haven’t run across it, check it out! I have found that she is one of the best teachers on YouTube. YouTube dance channels have grown and there are a lot of options, but I think Candy is one of the best teachers you can find! The key for me is her slow repetition and breaking a dance down.

Some instructors on YouTube will just walk through a dance one time, mentioning the steps just once! This means constantly stopping and replaying to really get it. Candy teaches on her videos the same way she would if you were live. She goes slow and explains along the way, and then repeats. She will teach in 8-count sections, but then repeat that section again once, or twice more before going on. And then along the way, she will start from the beginning to keep reinforcing the first parts.

This may seem very familiar to you if you take line dance lessons in a local bar with a good teacher, but not all YouTube channel instructors do this!

As a great example of one of her videos check out her teaching of Gives Me Shivers below. Gives Me Shivers, may very well be the most popular line dance worldwide currently, so it’s a good one to know! It is an improver line dance and has some variations that occur throughout the dance. Candy does a great job explaining all of it slowly and clearly and then demonstrates it as well.

Candy Sherwin’s great tutorial for the line dance Gives Me Shivers.

Another thing Candy is involved with each year is the Edge dance event in Temecula. I first met Candy finally at this event. And actually learned Gives Me Shivers from her there!

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Jonno Liberman

Jonno Liberman is another great line dance teacher for Orange Country and Southern California. Jonno is an award-winning line dance choreographer, who also travels nationally and internationally to instruct at social dance conventions and workshops.

jonno noButton

His line dance career is now 12 years in the making, but besides his emersion and impact on the line dancing world, Jonno also is a competitive artistic roller skating coach and has lived for the last 18 years in that world as well, coaching at the local, regional, national, and world levels.

As a line dance choreographer, Jonno has now choreographed/co-choreographed 41 dances. Check out his dances here on Copperknob.

Line dancers at Whiskey Baron in Colorado Springs dancing The Wolf.

His line dance The Wolf is one of those iconic, soon-to-be classics! There’s a handful of club dances that fill the floor these days, having everything you want in a good club line dance. The song is great and Jonno’s choreography hits all the right notes for it. I don’t see The Wolf going away anytime soon!

Recently Jonno was at the Ranch on a Friday night and when The Wolf was called, I have to admit, I feel a little star stuck to be out there dancing a few dancers away from the guy that came up with it! That’s always fun.

So, needless to say, if you take lessons from Jonno you are in good hands! Jonno also has a very warm and welcoming personality that just makes his classes a fun time!

Because of Jonno’s passion for dance and as a choreographer, and his involvement with the circuit line dance community and workshops, he will bring new and challenging dances to his students.

Jonno’s class generally includes teaches of 2 new dances and then time to review past dances taught as well. To get involved with Jonno’s Wednesday night class in Costa Mesa check out the details below!

Time and cost
7 pm, $15

Costa Mesa Dance Center
2221 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

The dance studio is the rear building.


Check out Jonno demonstrating his latest dance “Chase It With Regret,” a two-wall, intermediate dance.

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Gina Johnson

Gina Johnson is another great line dance instructor for Orange County, holding her classes in Anaheim! Gina also is an instructor at Cowboy Country, Long Beach. Gina and Cindi are the Weekend Cowboy Country instructors, Cindi on Fridays and Gina taking Saturdays. For what dances are being taught on the weekend by these instructors, check out their weekly schedule here!

For more about what is happening at Cowboy Country, check out my article about the bar here!

gina noButton

Gina has her Anaheim classes on Monday nights and does a great job teaching all levels. Her class is set up very much like Cindi Massengale’s. The classes go for 3 hours and are set up for beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers. Check out the schedule, and just choose what works for you. You can attend for one hour or all 3! At Gina’s classes, ages 13 and up are welcome!

Monday Class Times and Levels

Monday, 6 pmLine Dance Level 1 – Absolute Beginner
Monday, 7 pmLine Dance Level 2 – Beginner
Monday, 8 pmLine Dance Level 3 – High Beginner

Series Pricing

Gina’s classes are set up as a series for six weeks at a time.

Pricing is for 1 hour each week, with $10 off 2nd hour.
$35 for any three weeks, $40 at the door

3 & 6-week participants: If you’ve paid the series price for 1 hour and would like to stay for an additional hour once in a while, it will be a $10 drop-in for each additional hour.

Weekly drop-ins: Pricing is for 1 hour each week.
$15 per class at the door. 2nd hour is $10.

Gina welcomes her students to make up missed classes in another hour.


The Ebell Club of Anaheim
226 N Helena St, Anaheim, CA 92805

Contact & Payment Information

Please message Gina with questions at
(714) 312-9423
Or Email [email protected]

Venmo: @gina-johnson-99
Zelle: Gina Johnson, (714) 312-9423

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Learn to Dance with Kimberly Gautney

Kimberly Gautney is another great line dance instructor for So. California dancers.

Kimberly started off her dance education with ballet, tap, and jazz at a very young age but didn’t find her passion for country music, Two Step, and line dancing until 1990. In 1991, she began providing private lessons and stepped onto her first stage to teach at The Barn in Tustin.

Kimberly main

Kimberly has been a dance instructor at The Ranch Saloon over the years in Anaheim since opening in 2011. Kimberly particularly enjoys teaching Country dancing for all ages and always engages those in her classes with her bright smile and infectious humor. I’ve taken several of Kimberly’s classes at the Ranch over the years–and laughing was definitely part of it all!

Kimberly also taught at the Country Rock Cafe in Lake Forest and, most notably, the World Famous Crazy Horse at the Irvine Spectrum. She has choreographed Save a Horse, Dirty Boots, and co-choreographed Workin’ for a Livin‘ with Shelly Graham.

Offering classes in Laguna Hills, she is another option for those in South Orange County. If you take Kimberly’s classes, you’ll be in good hands! Kimberly has a great website about her classes. Check out what she has going on here. But read on for the quick facts about her Thursday classes in Laguna Hills!

Wednesday Class Times and Levels

Laguna HillsTimeLevel
Agape Dance Lab7 pmImprover/Low Intermediate Line Dancing (Level 2)
Next session starts Jan. 10, 2024.

Thursday Class Times and Levels

Laguna HillsTimeLevel
Agape Dance Lab7 pmBeginner Line Dancing (Level 1)
Agape Dance Lab8 pmBeginner Couples – Two Step / Couples dances
Next session starts Jan. 11, 2024. Registration for couples class required by January 5.


Kimberly’s classes run for six consecutive weeks in most cases.

Cost is $20 per class.
Save! 6-week
sessions for only $100

Weekly rates are $20 per class. Discounted rates for signing up for a complete 6-week session – $100 per session.

Save even more! Save 50% on the second class.
Sign up for both classes in the same session on Thursday nights –  Buy one class – get the 2nd class for ½ price ($150 for both classes) 


Agape Dance Lab
23034 Lake Forest Dr. Ste. B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

The building is directly behind the Shell Gas Station at the corner of Lake Forest and Del Lago. The Studio has two suites with two entrances… Suite C is the one directly behind pump 8 of the Shell gas station. We will be in studio TWO in Suite B, with a separate entrance being around the corner of the building to the left (directly behind the Snooty Fox restaurant). Please do not park in the office parking lot area next to the gas station.


Please message Kimberly with questions at
(949) 378-2281
Or Email [email protected]

kimberly ranch

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Luv to Line Dance with Chris

I am also excited to include Chris Bradley from Lancaster! With her classes, there’s an option for people in North Los Angeles, in the Antelope Valley.

Chris started line dancing in 2012 with no previous dancing experience. Immediately, she was in love with line dancing and addicted! In 2014, just two years later, she started teaching line dancing at High Desert Dance Studio. Now, over the years, Chris has hosted line dance workshops here in Lancaster, including the Trace Adkins concert in Lancaster!

Chris main

Chris also teaches at private events and parties, recently, even line dancing for a commercial and also in a movie soon to air on Netflix! Chris is so grateful for the opportunities she has to teach and share her knowledge and love for line dancing in the Antelope Valley. It brings her happiness to see others line dance and enjoy life.

I’m highlighting the classes Chris teaches on Monday nights at the Elks Lodge in Lancaster (see below). But that’s not all she’s up to! She also teaches at Buckle and Boots in Lancaster Wednesday through Saturday and twice, monthly at Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth.

But of all these places to catch Chris spreading her luv of line dancing, it’s the Lancaster Elks Lodge on Mondays if you aren’t one to hang out at your local country bar to do your line dancing! Check out the times and dance levels below:

Lancaster Elks Lodge 16256:30-7:30 pmBeginner
Lancaster Elks Lodge 16257:45-8:45 pmIntermediate


Lancaster Elks Lodge 1625
240 East Ave. K
Lancaster, California 93535


Cost is $8 per class–This covers you for the whole evening!

If you happen to catch Chris teaching at Mavericks, know that this is a free line dance class, and at Cowboy Palace, there will be a $10 cover.

For Chris’s private events, just contact her for pricing. It depends on location, what she’s teaching, etc.  Chris has very reasonable pricing.


Please contact Chris with questions by phone at
(267) 261-3886
Or Email [email protected]

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Brian Sheridan

I'm the owner of CDT. I live in Fullerton, California, and enjoy country dancing with my friends at least once a week.

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    Cristi Ann line dance teacher on YouTube

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